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Originally Posted by unihost com View Post
Auto-updates are not so good as they seem to be.
Or, your OS just hasn't developed the right tools for them. I'd say the latter, not the former.

Originally Posted by unihost com View Post
We have auto-updated our Ubuntu OS just yesterday and gotten an error, so we were supposed to restore the previous version.
Try an OS that doesn't actually do that then? 20+ years of experience with RH / Cent devices says nope, that doesn't happen there. I'm not even talking about just one device, but quite a few of them

Originally Posted by unihost com View Post
This is widely known, that sometimes updates may consist some bugs and error
No, it's widely known that Ubuntu has this maybe, but not for those of us using professional devices and systems. Redhat has yet to let me down when it comes to these updates. They may in the future, but not something they've done yet
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