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Originally Posted by easyhostmedia View Post
Incremental Backup is the best as after the full accounts have been initially backed up the system will then just backup any changes you have made since last backup.

But ALWAYS backup to a offsite or different server as no good doing a backup to the same server/account that is being backed up as if the server goes down then you have lost your accounts and the backups, if you have to backup to the same server/account then once this is complete then save it to your local drive or to a flash/pen drive, so you have a copy to restore if needed.
Actually having a provider backed backup is worthwhile. Of course our backups are directly sent to the offsite storage but if that fry up.

Then at least I can just ticket my managed provider and tell them that I need the VPS to the latest state and go from there. Now of course that would be the "nuclear option" but it's better than losing the "world" right?