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YAY, necromancy

TBH, I am a bit unsure about the future of WHT, as over the past year or so it's just gone on a huge downhill slide.. Case in point

WHT's SSL certificate expired on 01-15 . They were notified by me of this, rather than having their own team discern and correct this.

How long did it take to correct this? Oh good Lord... I think that finally went into full affect last night. So, a week

WHT's leadership has fallen quite a bit over the past year or so, as shown by various things such as lack of helpdesk, memberships, etc. It's just a complete and utter mess since the new ownership has taken over. I won't even get into the petty personal actions taken by a specific 'Community Leader', as those are just ugly.

WHT was great, at one time, but sadly, it's just not there any more. The current owners could care less about the property, and it feels like a good deal of the 'Community Leaders' have the same approach.

Yeah, I'm still there, but when one has to worry constantly about what they say for fear of 'permban', it's not a good thing.
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