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Nobody 'sold' WHT. Penton itself was sold to Informa. That's what Penton did, and that's why they bought the property in the first place (to build up their profile).

As far as WHT and it being sold because it was 'going downhill', that's rubbish too. Of course you're biased, because you were 'permbanned for pointing out someone' (I call BS on that one), but WHT truly wasn't going downhill until Informa took the lead

At least with Penton behind things (or those behind them), we had some pretty good leadership. Dennis, while I thought an ass was actually good at what he did, keeping the ship afloat. ProHacker was freaking awesome at what he did. From a technical standpoint, he kicked ass.

Yes, things were going down a bit, but that's called natural forum progression. Most aren't using forums any more. However, the massive issues started coming in when Informa came in and replaced both of those individuals (PH may have left a bit earlier, but IIRC he was still with Penton).

I've been around on WHT for a good 15 years now (sheesh), and have seen a lot of crap, but the current crap by Informa is worse than anything I've seen on a user level. That, and, the threats by those who shall not be named.
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