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@RDPproviders, this thread was last commented in 2015. Always a good idea to check the date of a thread before replying to it, making sure we aren't bringing ancient discussions back in action.

Having said that, it was almost on point. A couple of days ago I received my first infraction of 5 points for something that I believe was so wishy washy it was almost funny to get an infraction for.

Of all people, I try to communicate elsewhere the way I'd want people to communicate here on HD. So I re-read the forum-specific rules twice to make sure I wasn't breaking any. Anyhoo, they saw it differently, which kind of opens things up to a wide range of interpretations.

Certainly as moderators they have the final say over anything that goes and they can interpret their rules the way they see fit. Us members can only go by written word.

I accepted the penalty, but what was more disappointing is that no consideration is given for age, history of violations or status of a certain member. Was it really necessary to go straight to an infraction? Probably not. It was completely within their power to issue a warning instead. Maybe a personal message. The kind of practice we've been running at HD since inception. My advice to any board owner has always been: when circumstance and time permits, stay personal - members appreciate that kind of attention. It takes more time, but it goes a long way and provides for a more positive experience for members.
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