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Originally Posted by WPCYCLE View Post
I would have to disagree. I've been there for maybe 8 years, and what it was before and now...huge difference. Before, a quality post or trainwreck post led to all sorts of responses that you couldn't keep up with. feels like there's 3 new posts a day, and 2 or 3 responses. Some sections that had a few new topics a day is now a new topic a week...and maybe a response or two within a week. A real ghost town.

Then, we have to factor in the moderation, or over-handed say and do nothing approach. Put it this way...years ago I could get into an argument with someone, and it go on for pages and pages before getting an infraction. Now, one wrong statement and instant sig infraction. I just got suspended during the holidays before someone posted asking about a theme using PHP 5.2. I told them were on 7 now. Then the person asked about using a host with PHP 5.2, and I told the same applies, hosts are on 7 now. I get hit with a suspension because 7 is in my sig...mean while others are spamming nonsense, basically encouraging the person to use PHP 5.2, or the usual "use this host" with only 7 posts to their profile. No question if they even used such host, which clearly anyone with 7 posts hasn't, or is shilling. It's not the same. During the holidays they sent out an email of the news section being shut down. Now it just forwards WHT's home page. Of course I couldn't see what people were saying due to the suspension, and I really didn't care. There's been many suggestions that could have helped, but were ignored or seen as not useful...but yet, a host could scam people for almost 3 years on there, and when questioned why this is happening, the reply was because they didn't break WHT rules. Ass-backwards. Every other forum banned that "host", but not WHT. It took them 3 years to ban them. That alone was a huge turn off for many users.

Progressing is one thing, but I came from an industry where it was going downhill...and it's still there. Many left the industry for such reasons, and those who are in it and understand it, will admit to it going downhill.
people are scared to write anything on WHT in fear of being banned for saying the wrong thing.
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