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In fairness, I also wanted to say that WHT is far from being broken and there are enough amazing people working behind the scenes.

I have recently had an issue when I was getting lots of marketing emails from Penton to an email address that was only registered with WHT (which I never used to sign up for any newsletters). Tried unsubscribing multiple times to no avail - advertising still comes. So I asked if Penton was selling our data, which with recent Informa acquisition isn't that big of a stretch and found a number of people who are in the same position:

Andy (aka Postbox) has come forward to try to resolve the issue for me. He took quite an active role investigating, getting some answers for me and eventually reaching someone responsible. He even went as far as posting the response from that person with her email address that welcomed anyone with a similar issue to contact her. It would have been great, but I noticed that his post was deleted shortly after. It was probably against Penton's interest to keep it public. Bottom line is I appreciate what Postbox did and how he was handling the situation, staying in active communication with me, keeping me updated. THAT is what forum leadership is supposed to do for its members, no matter how big or small. The only sad thing is that he wasn't given a chance to bring the issue to some level of public resolution.