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Originally Posted by whmcsguru View Post
The legality of doing this isn't that black and white. Yes, in theory it works, but in practicality not so much, and yes, it can be very costly.

However, simply blocking someone from support (WHMCS does do this themselves, but doesn't provide the methodology they use to the public) is not going to cross any legal lines. You're paying for hosting, not support.

We've all dealt with that user that needs a timeout from support. Usually, they get better when they come back . WHMCS should provide a method for doing this in their system
Support is part of the plan they purchase, you have the legal right to remove services from anyone, just like any high street store can refuse to serve you without a reason.

we simply have this statement in our TOS

Any abuse of our staff in any medium or format will result in the suspension or termination of your services.
which as our TOS were checked and approved by Trading Standards in the UK we know is legal
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