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Originally Posted by easyhostmedia View Post
I think the main issue was that until a few years back CloudLinux would not be compatible with Open VZ and even now

CloudLinux provides limited support for OpenVZ and Virtuozzo. At this stage only the following functionality works:

PHP Selector
max entry processes

which does not warrant paying for it with limited use to hosts that use OpenVZ and Virtuozzo
That is the leading "deal breaker" for me because frankly I am not going to pay the "full price" for about "half of the license's ability". Now that I said that why don't they offer a OpenVZ/Virtuozzo "license" that only works on these platforms and at a much reduced cost?

The other subjective reasoning I can see that WHM gauges how much a user uses per 24 hours period as averages, while CloudLinux will "hard limit" the user to whatever amount you set.