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Strange that we are talking about VPSs when our CloudLinux is more for carving up large boxes.

Our standard box is a 128GB RAM Node with 32 CPUs and lots of disks in RAID 10.

I also have CloudLinux on some KVM VPSs for Resellers accounts, so they can answer tickets should their reseller server ever go down. (Or more likely undergoing maintenance that the customer or the customers' customer forgot)
In this instance, we are mainly after CageFS to stop the different resellers from seeing each other's accounts.

When we place customers on VPSs, we don't tend to give them CloudLinux, as they are OpenVZ VPS isolated from each other, however, larger customers to whom we provide KVM VPSs using our OpenStack Cloud, then they are more likely to have CloudLinux installed than not.
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