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Originally Posted by Harv45 View Post
I believe the reasoning is that web hosters were complaining for each IP it is charged rather than per server.

So suppose you have 5 IPv4s, and you have 2 for shared clients, and then sold the other 3 as "dedicated IPs".

They claimed that you has to pay for all of those IPs even if all of those are owned by the same WHM/Cpanel installation.

Other software like Cpanel/WHM and Softalicious don't do that and instead doesn't even use an IP or relies one a single IP as the "primary" one.
if you look at what you took the screenshot for it is servers/IPs, but only 1 box to add a figure, so it is asking for servers or IPS, so if you have 30 IPs on the 1 server then just add 1 for the 1 server and as long as the IPs are assigned to that server then you only pay for the 1 server
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