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Originally Posted by Harv45 View Post
It is sure tough out there for the few of us who does cater to quality thanks to the competition out there. But there are ways to get over such depending on what resources you have at your disposal.

For example if you already have clients you may wish to reach out to some/all of them about getting the words out. And/or even try to go local if you can could help as well.
A buddy of mine on facebook who is knowledgable about this stuff told me about EIG. When I ran a search on them it's not hard to see how they are dominating the market. Even though my prices are reasonable, people shopping online still look for the lowest price. So I am becoming aware that I have to compete with the big dogs if I want a piece of the action. Even if it means giving away hosting for the first year for each new client. My friend said that my prices are second year prices. So I may crunch the numbers and see not only if I can give away hosting for the first year but also lower the current prices.

When I was at the dealership last time buying another truck I asked for $2,000 off the cost of the truck. But the salesman explained to me that because so many people shop online that they have to keep their prices at rock bottom prices. So because of the internet many industries are feeling the crunch. Even some of the drywall companies here are hiring cheap labor and taking work from other companies. So I am learning the thinking and realizing that to lower prices and offer award winning services is the way to compete in our crazy market today.
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