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Originally Posted by webconfigure View Post
As it is initial stage of your business, mouth marketing and face to face meetings, direct contacting clients or people who are really interested is best. Once you will get the few clients then you can focus on various medium of advertising.

Digital marketing is one of the method which you can try latter. Social media will play important role in that.
I haven't had any success in social media. Maybe I'm just brain dead that way. I have a page on Facebook and an account on Twitter. It seems that those who have messaged me about hosting want it cheaper than I can offer. The large providers are obviously over selling. I know that if I sold the space I have on my servers so that each client actually had what is allotted to them according to their plan I could not charge less than what I am. So I'm seeing that in order to survive in this business I have to over sell. I know that every client does not use 100% of their space.

I do offer an affiliate program to get people to sell for me. However, nobody is using it currently. I have a friend who is looking into trying it since he has one or two sites it may work on. I want to get his hosting too and since he has been helpful to me I told him I'd be happy to help him with his hosting if he decides to transfer his domains to my servers.

Because I don't have a lot of personal contacts I think is part of the reason I haven't gained many customers from among the people I know. My boss at my day job hosted his website with me for two years, I charged him annually. And trying to get a payment from him for the second year was like trying to pull a tooth. No idea why. He does well without a website, but at the same time I know he has gotten jobs off the site when he had it up.
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