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Originally Posted by webling View Post
It seems that we almost have to give hosting away and set up a zillion and a half servers and simply earn a little off the top of each one.

You are right about it being an easy business to get into. Anyone with a brain who knows how to use it can get started. What I'm seeing mostly is the way to make it in this business is by doing volume.
Not really, i started in 1999 very small on a reseller plan offering hosting to friends and it was only 2007 when i moved to a VPS due to a previous hosting doing a runner and i have never looked back. I have 2 VPS servers running cpanel with clients on and 2 cheap servers that are used to take backups, i also have a cheap server used for testing. I am a 1 man band, so dont offer 24/7 live support, but i have a very extensive Knowledgebase and out of my 300+ clients i can count the amount of support tickets i get a month on 1 hand.
So you can run a successful hosting business without doing volume
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