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Originally Posted by webling View Post
A buddy of mine on facebook who is knowledgable about this stuff told me about EIG. When I ran a search on them it's not hard to see how they are dominating the market.
If you searched EIG then you would have read all the negative reviews of them

Originally Posted by webling View Post
Even though my prices are reasonable, people shopping online still look for the lowest price.
Yes people look for the lowest price and that is why we have the kiddie hosts on ebay selling unlimited everything reseller plans for $2 a year and when these fail people come to us.

Originally Posted by webling View Post
So I am becoming aware that I have to compete with the big dogs if I want a piece of the action.
These big dogs have huge budgets, huge staff levels and all you are to them is a number and $$

us little dogs can in no way compete with them, you just have to find your own niche and use it to your advantage. The main advantage of being a small host is you treat your customers as friends and offer a personal service.
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