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Originally Posted by easyhostmedia View Post
a lot of company now use facebook rather than forums. I know when i set up a dolphin based site (gives a lot more than just a basic forum) no matter what i did to advertise it all i got was spammers, so set up a FB group and this got a whole load of members, but i find out a lot of people think it is FB so they can do anything they want
This is the first time I hear that a lot of companies now use Facebook instead of forums. Certainly companies have a Facebook page, but never heard of a truly busy Facebook community that helps each other.

A number of years ago companies used forums for a few reasons. Partially it was a great way to create a community of members who might be coming to each others rescue (decreasing the volume of support requests), knowledge base, pre-sales center, marketing; and a great way to show that the company is also very active. There were a few successful companies whose websites were based on nothing but vBulletin.

But while a number of forum-based web hosting companies have declined (or those companies that offered a forum as a community option), I didn't really notice Facebook becoming much of a substitute in that function.