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My own 0.02 on the topic:

I started my first online 'business' years ago. I'm not talking about the hobby I used to pass the time (mud hosting) , but the first genuine business that I felt could take me away from my 'day job'. In 2002, it took me about 4 months to realize my potential and leave my day job.

That being said, I do not recommend doing this today, or to anyone who is looking for a hosting company. Sorry kids, but you're not going to get there for years to come.

My trick? I have never sold 'hosting' to supply my main income. I provide the services that keep those companies running. Whether it's server administration to WHMCS administration, manipulation, etc... It's where the money is. Screw selling 'hosting'. That's a child's game that (literally) children are getting into every summer because 'bored'.

My second trick? I spent YEARS enveloping myself in what I was doing before I dared to call myself a systems admin, or a programmer. We're talking probably 5 years, with no Windows, nothing but a Linux PC, modifying the hell out of it, breaking it, fixing it, programming various crap . I (almost) miss those days... You're not going to get anywhere just trying to 'own your host'. Again, that's childs play. Go to work as an apprentice for a host, work your way from the mail room up to management, as it were... Get the know how before you get into things.
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