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Originally Posted by whmcsguru View Post
My own 0.02 on the topic:

I started my first online 'business' years ago. I'm not talking about the hobby I used to pass the time (mud hosting) , but the first genuine business that I felt could take me away from my 'day job'. In 2002, it took me about 4 months to realize my potential and leave my day job.

That being said, I do not recommend doing this today, or to anyone who is looking for a hosting company. Sorry kids, but you're not going to get there for years to come.

My trick? I have never sold 'hosting' to supply my main income. I provide the services that keep those companies running. Whether it's server administration to WHMCS administration, manipulation, etc... It's where the money is. Screw selling 'hosting'. That's a child's game that (literally) children are getting into every summer because 'bored'.

My second trick? I spent YEARS enveloping myself in what I was doing before I dared to call myself a systems admin, or a programmer. We're talking probably 5 years, with no Windows, nothing but a Linux PC, modifying the hell out of it, breaking it, fixing it, programming various crap . I (almost) miss those days... You're not going to get anywhere just trying to 'own your host'. Again, that's childs play. Go to work as an apprentice for a host, work your way from the mail room up to management, as it were... Get the know how before you get into things.
I agree, i see many on ebay and these increase during the summer holidays, these kids will get a unlimited everything reseller plan from Ebay for a few $$ a year and call themselves a webhost, they dont even have their own website and will just sell again of ebay and use paypal for taking payments and when something goes wrong they just vanish as they have no idea what they are doing. I sometimes for fun will ask some of these so called hosts simple questions and see if they reply. I once asked 1 of them if they offered dedicated IPS and DNS hosting and was shocked when they replied with 'what is a dedicated IP and what is DNS' and you will get poor victims sign up with these to host their websites
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