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What's up, HDers!

Migrating a forum with a lot of plug-ins and custom code to a new platform is no simple task. Our Being Helpful Pays program has been running for 7 years and rewarded your most valuable contributions to this community. It also happens to be a custom developed product. As such, in its current form it is not going to be possible to migrate it to XenForo.

To alleviate the migration process, we will be suspending the program with forum software change.

While the program served as a cool incentive, because a reward is never guaranteed and is processed manually on a case by case basis, we noticed that it never actually served as a primary incentive to contribute quality knowledge, especially by those of you who were rewarded more frequently. Members were predominantly motivated by growing into respected professionals with authoritative knowledge, for there are benefits that go beyond a random renumeration, which also last a lifetime.

According to the rules of the program, a member needs to reach a minimum balance of $10 in order to be paid. However, in light of loss of this program, a decision is made to lower that minimum balance to $1. It means that any member who has earned $1 or more, will have its current balance paid out.

It also makes things fair to those members that have earned our gratitude for committing themselves in sharing valuable insights and staying helpful to others.

Due to a large volume of members with a balance of at least $1, we set a deadline to complete all payouts by March 1, 2018.

How to make sure that you get paid:

Please visit your profile page (Edit Profile) and make sure that you entered a correct PayPal email ID into the appropriate field titled "PayPal Email".

Only those accounts that provided a PayPal email ID will be processed.