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These are my answers

Originally Posted by Kieran View Post

1) How did you get into the industry / why are you in the industry?
I started by having my own websites on several shared plans, so placed them all in a reseller account and then was asked by other market traders to host their sites. I enjoy the challenges,
which vary from day to day

2) How long have you being in the industry?
I started hosting on 12th December 1999

3) How long have you being running your current company?
I currently run 3 businesses - web hosting since 1999,
market retailer of toys since 1990, business secretarial service since 1984

4) How Large is your current company (Rough client base)?

5) How Large was your past companies (Delete if N/A)?

6) Where are your servers historically and currently located?
My client servers are all in the USA, have tried UK servers but they always have issues

7) Who provides your servers? Leased or Owned.
I lease them

8) Where are the majority of your clients from?
majority of clients are in the UK

9) What is your most popular Hosting related service?
Medium Reseller plans

10) What are your plans for the future of your company?
To continue as i am at the moment as its enough for me as a 1 man band.

11) Do you have any advice for new hosting providers?
Plenty of market research into niche markets and finding the correct provider

12) Do you have any additional comments, about the industry, this survey, or anything else which is relevant?
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