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Originally Posted by Artashes View Post
I think he might have meant "web hosting business" as a domain/niche.
Ah, gotcha. I read "this beautiful domain" and went searching for which one was being talked about

@andrei152000 - the first thing is to decide what you're passionate about, and then figure it out from there. If you have a base level knowledge of something, documenting what you know and what you're learning, or how-to type things are always good for the web. It also acts as a mini diary for yourself.

As an example, I want to kayak/canoe down the Missippi River. I have been documenting the things that I've found, the areas to watch out for, guides, pictures, maps, equipment etc. This will help not just ME, but others who may want to make that trip someday. My plan is to also shoot some video of the trip and potential live broadcast on sections.

Is there money in that? *maybe*, and there might be some sponsorship opportunity with equipment etc, but primarily I'm documenting for my own experience and to help others in the future.

So figure out what you're passionate about, and then determine what you want the website to be about. At that point, buy the domain and get to work.

If you're going into the tech world, documenting your journey is always good. Before you can make money, however, you need to determine who your intended audience is, and then work backways.
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