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Originally Posted by bigredseo View Post

@easyhostmedia - the part that trips me up is "give more assurance", mainly due to what a customer sees when they visit a site. It would be rare (very rare) for a user to view the type of certificate purchased, usually, they just check for a lock.
Hi Conor
You are right to someone viewing your website they would not check and just look for padlock and could not care as long as padlock is displayed.

But each SSL Cert has different levels of assurance, Free SSL are fine if you have a personal website or blog, but for any commercial website you need a paid SSL.

To a website visitor they wont care and dont care as long as the site shows padlock, but with free SSL they could be purchasing from fake/scam sites as no checks are done before SSL are issued, but with a paid SSL the site owners have to give details to CA.

It used to be a case of 'If you dont see a green bar or padlock then dont buy from that website' but with the free SSL these fraudsters can get 1 for the fake sites.
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