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Originally Posted by zomgmike View Post
It's time to adopt 7 instead of 6 whenever reasonably possible.

Originally Posted by zomgmike View Post
The reason you see people preferring 6 over 7 is because 7 changed around a bunch of stuff like commands and, IMO, people fear such change.
Not so much in agreement here, but you're close

It's not necessarily that they changed commands around, but that they changed structures around... What had been used since pretty much the dawn of Linux (init.d) was swapped out for systemd. This is the biggest reason most won't like it. There was no need to change, and , as the old saying goes:

Don't fix what aint broken
init.d works , has no problems, and still does exactly what it's supposed to, without fail.

As far as 6 v 7:
6 still has a couple of years before EOL, but it's important to give it time and upgrade. You don't want to end up rushing into things.

If you're new to the industry, 7 is fine. If you're not, then get a VPS with 7, play with it, and then work on upgrading your other stuff
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