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Originally Posted by whmcsguru View Post
Nonsense. A proper provider will keep their addons up to date. Just avoid the poor ones, such as ModulesGarden and you'll be fine.

Again, if you use a proper provider, this won't happen. Security is obviously important, but not using mods because 'security' is pretty ridiculous

There are less than a handful of quality WHMCS module developers out there, people that know what they're doing, have been around for ages and keep their stuff up to date. These developers don't release modules for 'cheap', they release modules because they work, and they release them at realistic prices.
I agree and then you have those that have been around for years and once did great modules like Lee Mason (No Half Pixel/WHMCS module shop) who has some great modules which worked great but then a few years ago he just went to ground yes still selling modules that most wont work with updated WHMCS and he never answers tickets
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