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Today I read this thread. 100 days old but listed on top 10 in this forum section so I want to reply to my ex-client.

Originally Posted by easyhostmedia View Post
So i signed up with Dewlance on and it took a while for them to migrate my accounts over.
I apologize for issue which was faced by you, Our price was very low and we ran our company in loss from 2 years but recently we increase price by 40% to improve support system, Provide live chat, etc.

We replied you on time but your domain was not pinging. Screenshot 1

- We did not report your account information anywhere, Even we did not block your client area account.

We did not reported your info because of it was our fault and not your fault.

We provide option to unblock IP by filling captcha and click on "Unblock" button on IP block page. (Using CSF Messenger feature) and some reseller have a option to unblock IP from WHM >> CSF Firewall >> Unblock IP (If requested by customer)

Recently price was increased by 40% for improving support system, Providing Live Chat support and some other reason. It was posted on WHT forum and notified customers.

About TAX: It was headache but now we opted for other option to save our time by doing this all.

-- We provide 30 day money back guarantee, If customer request us for refund then we simply refund their money. We are not selling expensive products then why need to open dispute or get anxious for $5?
(Some times I also face issue but I did not lose patience so quickly. I even wait for 15 days because of I know that $15, or even $50 is not big amount and they will refund it)

About Trustpilot: I only "requested" you to remove it and we don't know to much about it. We never used it. Request means I only asking you that If "possible" then remove it or update. I did not force you or threatened you to remove it.

Again I apologize, We will avoid this in future.