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Originally Posted by PeterShene View Post

Users are not as easily fooled Ssl is only a small part of what they look at for legitimacy.
They are easily fooled, you should have a read through the forum on and you will be amazed at how many people are taken in by these sites that offer designer products for peanuts and then go on the forum

'i saw this site then were offering Nike Air trainers for 10 so i ordered a pair and i have not received anything and their is no contact details on the website to contact anyone'

and when you mention the red flags

1) 100 trainers for 10
2) no address or contact details on website
3) no terms and conditions
4) a whois search shows hidden details on domain registered in china

you get attacked for pointing simple checks out.

but these types of scammers would never pay for an SSL cert, so they never used to have padlock etc, but with the age of free SSL certs they now show ssl cert.
This is why a business should purchase an SSL so they get validation with it.
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