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Originally Posted by easyhostmedia View Post
Yes and if you think about it cPanel have just adopted the structure plesk have used for years
Welp, Even though I have had some serious issues with Plesk after getting into it, I still like it. But they have made some drastic mistakes that I simply hate. I did give them my review when they asked me and I was fair and honest which was not to their advantage. But only after setting up another server, installing CWP and testing it which I like far better. I moved a few domains to CWP and they are working flawlessly now.

One of the major problems with Plesk is the firewall is by default set up to the strictest settings which made all WordPress sites on my network to malfunction because the site owners could not see everything in the admin area. It was all messed up and nothing worked. I tried setting up new billing scriptures that had to connect to a data base, everyone I tried to set up did not install because it DID NOT connect to the data base because Plesk by default set the firewall settings to the max. It was like, wait foks, who is the admin on this network, me or Plesk? It seemed that Plesk had put things into their control panel based on their own thoughts, not mine. When I installed CWP on my newest server, they did not do that. There were notifications that popped up alerting me to those facts, but let me decide if I wanted to implement them. I LOVED that, they did not try and take over and make my decisions for me. In Plesk, I had to go into every subscription that used WordPress and change the firewall from on to detection only. When I allowed the firewall to do whatever it wanted, countless sites on my network went hay wired. Wordpress sites were down, the top forums didn't even show up and there was much more. I had to go into every subscription and set the firewall to detect only. I was like, excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me Plesk? And I handed it to them on a dirty shovel when I submitted my reviews to them after they requested it of me.

I am so sick and tired of a Control Panel trying to run my company for me that even though I just changed to Plesk after leaving cPanel, both those companies are now terminated and fired.

CWP is so intuitive and easy and I am already very happy with them. Granted they do have things built in to get you to send money, but I'm one of the few cRaZy people that ran my first linux server out of my home on my own wire and edited the configuration files and made everything work. The only reason I ever went to using any kind of control panel is because I started a web hosting company and clients needed it.

At this point, CWP is the best in my limited opinion. And aside from that for me, it is the best in my own experience and I am updating my entire network with CWP and replacing every server.
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