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Originally Posted by link107
I dont get it why u want to shift to unstable windows servers linux is the best for os and also for servers i just wish i had more knownledge of linux than i would have used linux as main os of my home pc instead of window2003.
I'll presume you're going to post again shortly with some documentation to back that up

Your statement is a myth - created by Anti-MS drones. Windows is as secure as you make it. For that matter; all operating systems are as secure as you make them.

But remember windows servers are more expensive cause microsoft windows charge the servers too i think and linux is free....but dont know the real reason why windows servers are expensive.
Windows server 2000/2003 has licensing costs, certainly. However, so does Redhat Ent. Linux. Put head to head, MS actually works out cheaper if you stay the course of a 5 year support life of each OS.