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Based on your Web requirements, the following Reseller package would do you well.

prHuge - monthly $55.00 USD
006 GB Web Space
110 GB Data Transfer
WHM/Cpanel Pro 10.x

Speed test available upon request.
Although we do not provide an Uptime Guarantee, we do state 99.8% or better and a sample of this can be seen here.

Create packages with the features you want to offer, knowing you are only limited by how much Web Space & Data Transfer you have. Offering any "Unlimited" Server services is not allowed, as there is no such thing.
Exception: how much Support you want to offer your Clients.

You will be on a Server with the following specs:
Intel Dual Xeon
2 GB DDR Ram
Apache 1.33
Perl 5.8.3
PHP 4.11
mySQL 4.0.22
GD 2.0.21-5.20.1

Package also includes:
Free Setup
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Free $8.95 eNom Reseller account - if desired
Package includes rvSkins which has 20 languages and other excellent features, plus Auto Installer with 50+ Free Scripts available to all your Clients

Full backups are done 3 times a week to a separate Hard drive.

There are 2 dedicated IP addresses provided, for your Personalized Nameservers.
One IP is used as a Dedicated IP for your Domain name and the other IP is Shared amongst your Clients.

You can be setup in less than 12 hrs and have your files uploaded before propagation has finished. As long as your previous Hosting account is still working, there will not be any downtime for your site.

Transfer of files from your old account can be done free of charge -- if less than 30. If you have more we can discuss the details. We should be able to transfer everything, although, it depends upon some settings for the Server you are currently on. Either way, we'll get you moved and and all setup.

For more information:

Have a look see and let's find out, if there is an opportunity for us to do good business together.

We do not Host the following type sites:

IRC Bots
UCE / Spam
Helping people Create and Host their Web Site