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Originally Posted by PolurNET
Wait, you said intially, I'm innocent until guilty, now it's the opposite? Fine, I don't mind more insults, because I'm quite certain the truth will win at the end.
My apologies you are right innocent until guilty. I hope you do win at the end and I'm rooting for you but as it stands I have not seen any hard evidence that either is the case (you being innocent or guilty). The only evidence I see thus yet is more so leaning towards guilty. If that stance changes so will my opinion. I'm an open minded guy after all.

And I did the same, clarified my mistake. Look outside the PM box, Senad. I asked you to edit your post after I realized my mistake... what's the problem?

I did my review research, as you are doing here about us. I then realized the webhost-webhost connection might be taken the wrong way as you mentioned, so I corrected myself. Is anything wrong here?
The problem is that you do not need to PM a person to clarify a mistake. Simply acknowledging (as I have done above) is adequete. PMing seems suspicious to any user.

You're saying they're posting reviews for $NP? From whom, I can guarantee most that posted about us are grown adults, many have better things to do than $NP, as they have real businesses, even much larger than us. But they took the time on their own accord to say a few words about us, which doesn't reflect the same general description you're giving them now
No, once again, I am not stating your company as I do not believe you do so in regards to NP incentives at all. This is another general statement. You cannot expect a justification of being a grown adult to mean that they are truthful an honest can you?

Alright, so you're saying you don't want to believe the facts when I came here on my own to justify myself quite openly when having 5 others or more on this thread ready to attack any statement I made. Fine, so be it, we're still guilty until innocent according to you
Once again...WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE to prove your innocence? As mentioned above I mistyped and I once again apologize.

Flaunt? Watch the way you put words into my mouth. I only said that's a place where we mostly received most customers as I was there from the beginning. The admins and mods are neutral 100%, but mentioning that they use a webhost isn't trespassing their code of ethics. They're customers too.
Yes they are customers of yours, but do you not believe for a single second that neutrality might be jeapordized if they openly state that they use NP?

I had that information on MB, not him, that's why I gave it to him. He hasn't logged into MB for months, he had a PP Subscription so there wasn't a need at all in any case. And when we had a live convo, he just really appreciated our help, and wanted to say a few words about us. It was during one of the support requests, at the same convo, where he asked help that I also mentioned WHT, it wasn't like he came days later to say where do I post? The reason I mentioned WHT was because we were talking about his technical questions, and I pointed a tutorial there that helped him; so that's how the WHT thing came up, obviously with no intent for deception or incentive
That explains a lot thank you for submitting that statement/evidence. One thing though in the future is to never recommend places, let the client find his own. If he's determined enough to post you don't need to tell him where to go, he will find it himself rest assured.

You still are failing to however answer some important questions such as the one blue has brought up or showing of any form of evidence to prove your innocence.
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