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Originally Posted by Senad
Even if I lose customers due to this situation at hand then so be it but the truth and evidence should be presented by all parties and evaluated (which it has not been done yet nor are the rest of us informed). The industry needs more hosts to work together to stop potential host fraud/conning customers to purchase their plans by using deception. I'm sure almost all of agree on that PolurNet?
Certainly. But giving the benefit of the doubt is only right when there's no clear one-sided evidence.

Too many customers have gotten burned by this type of behavior from a few irresponsible people's actions. We ask you simple questions and you have either beaten around the bush or ignored the questions at hand or then after several aruguments made the post. Example: Customer at WHT who admited you sent them there. Why do we have to battle it out and why can't people just be truthful and to the point. It makes you look a lot suspicious if you did that rather than argue about it.
Beating around the bush? Now that's what I resent. I took the time to answer by reply & reply, and yet you say I'm avoding something.

Answer to your Example: It's been answered that he initially asked for a place to recommend us, and thus the conversation, as it already talked about a WHT tutorial, and he's originally referred from there, we just said why not post your experience there too.

Lily (Nilufer) went on her own accord, and she's honestly afraid of all these consipiracy theories, as are we.

Here's another comment about us, and NOT from a one-poster on WHT:

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