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I usually purchase domains every few days for my assignments and have many times wondered, why should we pay for WhoIS guard?

We purchase web hosting, do web hosts make visible client's details? Are client's details visible to anyone other than company employees?

We purchase scripts, do script authors share our details with any one? Does it any where say that script was purchased by Mr.ABC, email address with residential address?

Now my question is that when we purchase domains, is it not responsibility of the registrar to secure our personal information? I intend to raise finger on ICANN as well? Is it not the responsibility of company to secure personal and vital details of its clients? If so then why is such information visible to any one so easily? Why should my residential adress, my email address and my telephone number be visible to any one when i buy a domain? Am i paying to get my personal information be visible to people? Is whoIS a tool to make money?

ICANN and registrars are they not liable to protect vital information of their clients?

It has always puzzled me. What do you think on this issue?
We pay for domains, but then why should our vital details be leaked out to any one? Why should we pay for registrar to secure our vital information?

WhoIS should be free and be there as a default. It is no body's business to know my residential address or telephone number, besides email address, so why is it visible?

If ICANN requires it to be visible, don't you think it is wrong? Also, then how does WHoIS protection fulfill ICANN's requirement of having such details visible?

Any one can have false information behind WhoIS? Now why would any one do so is a puzzle for many but then why does ICANN or registrars create a situation where a person is forced to provide false details?

I have started to feel all this is sketchy. Some thing that should be visible to any one by default is now being charged for by the companies whoi at one hand boast of privacy policy and at other hand can't protect privacy of a customer who doesn't pay for whois.

Is it time for ICANN and registrars to re-think?