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Originally Posted by othellotech
You shouldn't, neither should you be trying to hide the ownership details from the public database :p

Why shoudlnt the whois details be open ?
It is not about ownership details. It is about personal details. As far as it tells you who owns the domain and their email address, it is fine, but when it starts displaying your tel and address, thats where the problem arises. Now as far as it is an enterprise, thats understandeable but what about a normal net user who wishes to own the domain but not let their residential address or telephone number visible to public?

Think about it. I have no problems with informatino like who owns the domain, ownership details to the extent of email are fine, but why should other details be visible? Atleast i don't expect any one to walk down my house, say hello and discuss domain sale. Neither do i wish any advertiser to keep calling me on my personal number for car loans or bank loans. Now many of you would be suggesting getting registered with DND (Do Not Disturb) service, but then does ICANN maintain any such list for global consumers or does every country have such registry where people are not spammed thru tele marketing?

Originally Posted by ldcdc
You're not forced. Not everyone has to work online and register domains. You're free to choose your own career.

Providing false whois info can result in losing the domain. By registering the domain, you agree to provide accurate info.
Yes, i know what it states in TOS on purchase of a domain. Practically, if someone registers domains for themselves and is not running a company, their details are visible through Adminstrative, Billing contacts. What i am for is display of ownership and atmost the email address, but i am against display of address and telephone number.

Your point is valid but there there are a significant number of people who register domains for non-commercial reasons and thats when display of information for admin or billing contact become a problem.

Originally Posted by Artashes
I have personally dealt with someone who I sold the domain to who clearly used false Whois data. No one has a phone number like 555-555-5555. But it wasn't my business nor responsibility to control someone else's business or teach someone how to conduct themselves. Everyone should take responsibility for their own actions.

As far as Whois information, I believe the guard feature is optional. But perhaps I didn't quite understand the question.

Don't bother I don't think i clarified myself or may be we are too obsessed with what ICANN states. I am in a way arguing over the existence of iCANN rule which forcibly displays information other than ownership and their email address. I am questioning logic of displaying address and telephone number. This could be made optional, like those who want can have it displayed and those who don't, let them have it protected but AT NO ADDITIONAL COST. WhoIS guard is rubbish atleast when registrars charge for it. The very purpose of ICANN rule is lost once it is whois guard protected.

To have it straight, lets consider domain . People can do whis and see you hold it. Fine, they see your email address. But whats the purpose of displaying your address or telephone number? Now you may a company or running a company so thats an advertisement for you, but suppose its my domain and used for personal reasons or just to share with few friend, then display of address and telephone number really makes no sense to me. So, i get it protected by whoisguard and pay registrar half the price of domain. Now has it not sublimed ICANN's rule?
Once i pay them small fee, i can get it hidden, displaying wrong info, because registrant and other details are not mine, but of registrar, atleast for general public doing whois. How do you justify ICANN's rule now?

This is what i am trying to discuss here. If a rule from ICANN can be sublimed by paying for whois guard, then how good is the rule? Is that not ICANN playing into hands of registrars or giving registrars loop hole to make money?
If rule demands nformation to extent of address and telephone nubmer be displayed, then is whoisguard not violating the rule by displaying wrong details or hiding true details?
So, you can pay and break rules?

Originally Posted by Marks
I don't agree with WHOISGuard. I think it's a way for Scammers to hide their identity and for Registrars to make more money.
Me neither to an extent. Not every one who hides their details is a scammer. But then whoisguard gives you escape route from ICANN rule where you need to display name, tel, address, email of domain holder/manager. Again thats the crux of the discussion.

Originally Posted by othellotech
Its going to cost a lot of people their domains with the RegFly fiasco - people who used fake details cant be contactd by ICANN about their domain, and will lose it.
Don't trouble yourself, my friend. If they have whoisguard protection, chances are minimal, because most when they have protection, do furnish correct details because they know its not going to get displayed publically. So, chances are that only true idiots who furnish wrong info even after getting details hidden, will loose domains. But then don't presume ICANN is not aware of it. Just need to see it getting implemented, atleast on massive level.