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Originally Posted by Dev4vip
Whois guard or Pvt Registration is a Free service where some domain registrars provide it for free and others use it to generate an extra income as a backend product
Let's say you ran a registrar that managed 250,000 domains and that you offer private registration for free because you think other registrars are ripping off consumers.

Out of those 250,000 domains, let's assume 200,000 are "private registrations", where the domain owner does not have his or her contact information available in the whois database.

Now, one of those domains which are private registrations are registered by a cybersquatter and a court order demands you release the registrant info of that domain. Such an event happens several times during the year and you are frustrated that you must waste resources dealing with private registrations instead of supporting your customers.

Do you charge extra and hire more people to handle such claims or just eat the cost (and infuriate your customers due to the lack of support) because you're a nice guy?