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Originally Posted by webfreak08
Now, one of those domains which are private registrations are registered by a cybersquatter and a court order demands you release the registrant info of that domain. Such an event happens several times during the year and you are frustrated that you must waste resources dealing with private registrations instead of supporting your customers.

Do you charge extra and hire more people to handle such claims or just eat the cost (and infuriate your customers due to the lack of support) because you're a nice guy?
If you have a proper data base of your clients with backups with accurate contact details, and if your serious abt your business, and Retrieving the data for any legal issues is not a big deal, and it won't take a whole staff or have to spend a fortune to get the job done, instead you can get the relevant data in just a click of a button in less than a minute, but if you keep book/file records like in old days in long shelves of files, then ofcourse it will take more time and effort, but we have passd that day and age arent we ?
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