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Recently I realized that there is no special CMS designed for webhosters and domain sellers.
I mean sure there are free open source CMS like Jomla and Mambo but they do not have features which would make life of an webhoster match easier. My own company had to develop our own CMS solution because there were none on the market with features we needed. We had website in 3 different languages and none of the CMS had easy language management.

How about CMS which will make life easier with features like whois with suggestions by the dictionary (as far as I know only big companies like Enom has something like that, correct me if I'm wrong). Or Modernbill and Autopilot integration with automatic webhosting plans on website. And many more features which could save time for an busy webhoster.

I think a lot of people think like me and would welcome solution designed specially for webhosters needs.

I know there at least one company who develop something similar so I do consider to buy it.

What do you think about it?