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The first question I get most of the time is

- Is the server down? (They havent changed the DNS for the domain)
- I uploaded my files and they are not showing properly. What happened? (They uploaded just to /home/username/ and not /home/username/public_html)
- Do I have SSH access? (Depends... are you a rootkit kiddie?)
- Does my site have statistics? (yes in cpanel)
- Do you offer a trial period?

Those are the most common ones I have had so far this month.
And the best one I think I've heard is...
"Is their anyway you can host my site. We use about 2.5GB space and close to 60GB transfer" I reply "Sure whats your budget?", they reply "I need it for free. Im only 16 and dont have a credit card or anything to pay with."
---------^ Just goes to prove there are still dumbasses out there