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Originally Posted by Arashes
For example, I think that people are spamming because they think itís easy and there are a number of ways for them to do it with no effort at all.
Agreed people do spam for this reason and that does play apart in them "being desperate"

Re-thinking "3 years" is a short-period over the next 5 years? VPS pricing has dropped dramatically to almost reselling pricing and end-users will think there getting a greater deal (Usually Bandwidth being greater).

If you did a survey with several large hosting companies I'm sure there will be a dip over the last 13 months in reseller hosting.

I don't think Reseller Hosting will be the only major changes in the industry; itís a very new industry and hasn't "evolved" dramatically yet.

Government Agencies are so far behind times that they have yet clinged on to "Web Hosting" and with the latest exposure by Liam Young maybe a negative thing to the Hosting Industry.

There are still a lot of people on the internet who want to "make a quick buck" by reselling hosting.
It only takes one major provider to make it obsolete and other providers will follow the trend, infact I did read that a medium-size company was considering taking it off its line of products. E-pricing is going up with the cost to run a Datacenter and that will go down the chain and affect the End-User some-way-some-how.

I think that itís inevitable that Reseller Hosting will be obsolete soon. Itís the stepping stone for these short-term-business entrepreneurs (who think that you donít need to pay tax) which prevent the industry from becoming a Big Trade Globally.

It won't be natural process that's for sure but this will definatly be a start to "cleaning" up the Hosting Industry.

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