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Originally Posted by miKael View Post
Reselling may vanish easily when people who choose now to go for a reselling account intending to sell plans, will go for VPS and dedicated deals and will provide support themselves. I guess it's all connected with raising the general level of server management literacy.
So you think that eventually everyone will think it makes business sense to start a hosting company (or hosting as an added service to provide to their web design clients) with a VPS or dedicated server? What if the web designer who wants to offer hosting doesn't have the technical knowledge to run a VPS or dedicated server? What if he/she is starting out small?

I think there will always be a market for reseller plans. Their name may change, but the idea of buying "a bunch of something" and "reselling it in smaller packages" will not go away.

It's just like an apartment building. You don't go buy the building because it makes more sense to do that for some. You do what you can afford.... you rent an apartment. You buy a reseller plan.

IMO of course
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