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It could be a reseller-client who wants the provider to, effectively, support their clients (and while there are some hosts who do this, not all of us do). It could be someone who is leasing an unmanaged dedicated server but has no idea how to manage a server. It could be a reseller-client who is asking how to connect to FTP.

It could be a reseller-client who is asking about something perfectly reasonable, like whether or not their clients have access to modify their MX records - and if so, how do they access it. We just don't know.

TLM Network is going to be offering reseller services soon, and while I intend to provide good documentation that covers business aspects rather than just industry information, I don't want to get into a situation where I handhold people from Day One in every aspect. If someone asks a question and their question ends with, "Can you do this for me or tell me where to look to learn to do it myself", I have no problems helping that person out. They realize that they can learn, they are asking to learn, they're not saying "Here do this." In some cases the answer may well be, "That's something we have to handle from this end because you don't have the necessary access to do this." But at least then they know that they've done everything they could to learn how to handle similar situations, and they know where their responsibilities end for future such situations. They've learned how to catch this particular kind of fish.

The whole trick is learning how to define, and hold fast to, boundaries.
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