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I know I posted one of these already but it was all out of order and not in shape and stuff...

Hello all, I am looking for a partner that will run a Reseller with me.
I do not want to spend all my money, I would like us both to spend money on the site such as ill buy hosting youll but domain or the other way around. I was suggested to start with a small reseller for about 7$ or lower I don't have a big income at the time but we can do. WE both will have the site under our names.
I know how to code but we can get some on like hire.
We can offer alot of services such as Hosting, Resellers, And affilate hosting like sell other packages that we will get a percentage off.

PM me and we can talk about it.
I am also going to buy a domain reseller.
We can both go on pay and work together alone but when we get alot of clients we get more support agents if we dont have alot of problems PM me for more info...
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