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Being Helpful Pays.

There is not a day goes by that we do not see one member helping another. Whether it is a simple answer to a question, an assistance with choosing a web hosting provider, help in configuring the server, resolving a customer issue, a valuable business advice or a website review - it is what makes a community real.

Such an authentic desire to help others is what makes stand out. You know who those members are when you read their posts - posts that inspire, give an in-depth look into an issue, offer a fresh approach. With plenty of members providing their knowledge and advice, we brainstormed for a while about how we can recognize and thank those that give their best effort back.

Staying true to our belief of providing members with a rewarding experience, one of the key factors for us was to come up with something favorable that would be both of real value and importance. You could walk in circles for hours, but at the end of the day you could not come up with anything more real than [oh, yes!] cash.

So, I am happy to introduce the new and exciting program launching today that will enable members of staff award hand-picked posts selected from daily forum activity that fall under the above characteristic.

I guess the best way to really introduce the program is to put it in action. If you'd like, please familiarize yourself with the below FAQ. If your question is not answered, feel free to send me a PM or ask below. This thread is reserved for program-related Q&As ONLY. All other comments and posts will be deleted.


Who is eligible to receive the rewards?

Does that "everyone" include new members?
Yes. If you are a new member and you showcase something special early on in your activity, you deserve to be treated with a cookie just like everyone else.

How do I get started?
There is no special way to get started. Simply add your PayPal ID in the proper field on the bottom of your profile page (you have to be logged in to access it) and continue using the forum as you do now.

What kind of posts are awarded?
There is no particular guidebook that we are following. We are looking to mix it up and award all kinds of posts. But if you absolutely had to characterize them, we are looking for posts of exceptional contributory value - posts that are authentic, truly helpful, those that create/add value to a discussion, showcase expertise, as well as posts that benefit the forum overall. Generic advice, articles, tutorials do not qualify, except in rare instances and depending on their place of usage.

Is the process automated?
No, posts are hand-picked by members of staff from an ongoing forum activity.

How many posts will you award each day?
It depends. It can be 1, 5 or 20. But it can also be none. This program is not designed toward quantity, rather quality.

How much can one member earn?
There is no limit to how much you can earn in the long run. The more active you are and the more helpful you are, the higher your chances are of being rewarded.

How can I see and/or keep track of my awarded posts?
You will receive an automated PM each time your post is awarded. Additionally, all awarded posts will carry a public tag which will mark the post and add a link to the transaction record.

I made a nice post. Can you award it?
The worst thing you can do is pitch your posts to us, which goes against the intention of this program of authentically wanting to help others. We have enough staff members to screen the daily forum activity. If we notice your post, and we love your contribution, we will reward it ourselves, even if it is noticed many days after the post was made.

How will I get paid?
First, you need to reach the minimal balance of $10 (it might be modified at a later time). When you reach it, a payment will be sent via PayPal (no other payment methods are offered at this time) to an ID you specified through User Control Panel.

What is the value of each reward?
The financial amount of the award will vary. It depends on the mood of the staff member at the time of issuing the reward. Just kidding. It depends on the structure, content and characteristics of the post of course. However, the current reward per post is capped at $0.20.

Small print:
* This promotion will run with no expiration date at this time, but we may introduce the end date at any time.
* We reserve the right to modify the policy of this promotion at any time.
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Starting today, we are expanding the "Being Helpful Pays" program with this exciting new promotion!

Start a new thread by asking a question, raising an interesting issue or by sharing something important our hosting community will benefit from.

Instead of the current maximum cash reward of $0.20 per post, a new thread might be rewarded up to $1. The more engaging the topic, the more valuable it becomes.

All other rules apply. Refer to our FAQ above.

Small print:
* This promotion will run with no expiration date at this time, but we may introduce the end date at any time.
* Generic advice, articles, tutorials do not qualify.

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Important update:

In light of the upcoming migration of forum software, and until further notice, we have to suspend this program from running. Payouts of all current balances with value of $1 or more will be processed.

More details are provided here:

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