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Fuscan: cloud automation made easier than ever

The ever-growing cloud hosting industry has seen many hundreds of new entrants vying for customer’s dollars over the past few years, increasing competition and forcing new startups to be sure that they are offering their customers something unique, useful and outside of the box.

One of the most recent startups to catch my attention is, a hosting automation provider launched and managed by Single OS. The Linux cloud offered by Fuscan focuses on helping web hosting service providers who base their services on cPanel/WHM the ability to easily create and manage their own cloud environment with minimal risks and easy migration for existing customers; once customer accounts have been moved from a standalone server to the newly created clustered interface, Fuscan allows the web host to control all enterprise operations via Fuscan with resellers using WHM and shared clients still utilizing cPanel.

With additional features like its ability to provide high availability and scalability to hosting customer in a shared environment and advanced load-balancing across all nodes for the smoothest experience possible, Fuscan’s cloud can also help typical hosting providers drastically reduce their hardware and software costs; a list of recommended system management, power and cooling hardware offered by Fuscan is guaranteed to provide up to a 50% savings on data center space when customers base their systems on the company’s suggestions.

The technical offerings by Single OS and are offset very nicely with the company’s drive to create a well-known, well-supported product that does everything is says it will. With marketing solutions centered around their ability to show and prove where their product is concerned, Fuscan has already established itself as a Silver Sponsor at last year’s HostingCon event and will attend HostingCon 2010 as an exhibitor, presenting their product on that grand industry stage for the first time.

Between a product that looks to have the potential to revolutionize an already revolutionary industry and a marketing strategy that focuses on outlining the specifics of their product rather than chattering endlessly about clouds, Fuscan will be one automation services provider to keep an eye on through 2010 and into the future. With several customers around the world currently running test installations of Fuscan’s technology and support for another major control panel in the works, hosting providers may want to begin that watching now.

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