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Here I have up for sale is my pride and joy for the last 4 years. X9 Web Hosting is one the premier web hosting companies on the net. It is known especially for its customer relations and reliability above anything. This company was never built on quantity, more so it was built with the idea of Quality.

When I started this company back in 2005 I was focused on the fact that I was not looking to get millions of customers resulting in lack of service and poor customer relations. I worked on business concept that I would keep it smaller scale and focus on providing top notch service and having personal relations with customers rather than keeping it such a corporate atmosphere. Well it worked. Customers have always made comments that look the 1 on 1 attention they get with this company.

1 on 1 attention is vital for the new owner of this company. I always ran this company by myself aside from the support aspect of things. So the new owner needs to be able to offer that same attention to customers.

There are currently 223 active customers at this time. All are various billing cycles that you can see on the website. Currently there is only 1 server needed for these customers. It is a well optimized server and takes a load very well. So we never got to the point where we needed to bring in a second server. The server is a Dual Core Dual Xeon 3.0 Woodcrest server with 2Gb Ram and 2x250gb hard drives. The server is very strong, optimized, and secure.

The price of the server is $406/m through That includes server management through the company. They perform any repairs, fix issues, perform weekly scans and upgrades on the server, and will install anything needed software side. Also when I first got the server from them I had the Fortified Setup performed that you can see at . They also monitor the server for any downtime and react accordingly. More on this monitoring service can be seen at Their service is second to none and has always been a life saver with any server issues. I would advise the new owner to continue their server unless they have their won techs. They are well worth the money.

I also use Acunett for outsourced support though the X9 Helpdesk. I pay $110/m for a 1 hour guaranteed response time. Another service that is invaluable if you don't have your own techs. They really get the job done and have never failed me.

The site design is one of a kind and around 40 pages. I also designed the support desk, affiliate system, and WHMCS system to seamlessly blend into the site design and match completely. The Kayako Support System is an owned license and has active support until Feb. 8th 2010. The WHMCS is on a leased license that costs $15.95/m.

Now I suppose you ask why am I selling. Well it comes down to time. I don't have it anymore. I have to focus on family now and need to sell this to free up time and begin my new family. This company has been great to me and I have put in countless hours and money into this. As of late I have not been able to put the time in anymore and feel someone else could take this very easily to the next level and make A LOT of money off of it.

I have no been advertising it much in the last year and still the traffic is very good. So if the new owner had some money to put into advertising you could easily double the traffic and sales. There is so much room for advancement for this company. I just with I had the time to take it to that next level.

I will work with the new owner for one month to make sure of an easy transition for you and the customers. That is very important to me and is required in this sale. Purchaser will be required to pay any Escrow fees if associated with the sale.

Revenue Details
I have posted links below containing screen shots of the revenue. Each month varies on the income so this will show you best.

Income Forcast

Yearly Income

Hard Drive Usage


Revenue amounts could easily be doubled with some more advertising. Like I said I have not done any paid advertising this year and the numbers in are still great.

Traffic Details
This site has alot of search Engine traffic. Mainly seems to be from Google.

When I first started this company I hired a service to personally submit X9 to all the major web hosting directories. So this site is listed probably 95% of them. Also I have been placing forums posts each week at in their advertising forums.

The affiliate program has helped generate some traffic, many customers just placed our banners on their site without any affiliate code because they like the service so much.

I also took advantage of another company I have up for sale which a free web hosting company. I used this company to promote X9 by placing links in welcome emails, default new account pages, and also of that website. So that produced many backlinks.

More Information and Purchase Price
I currently have the site on bid over at Flippa. You can see the listing and get more information here. It has not reached reserve over there so I can still accept offers anywhere at this point.
Kevin Kopp
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