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im currently backpacking around the world. I have come into money problems and i need to sell my network as soon as possible.

The Sites

The network is called The Webmaster Empire.

Here are a list of the sites on the network with a brief description of whats on them :- - the home page of the network. - webmaster top site list that currently has over 100 sites listed. - Webmaster link directory - A simple tutorial site for web newbies. - A collection of webmaster articles - Domain whois search, link popularity, link checker, meta tag generator etc - Manual search engine reference page - Domain ranking script. The site uses a unique script i got designed for $500.00 - List of template related sites. - PHP script directory - the webmaster section of dmoz - Listings of affiliate programs - List of domain reseller sites - Perl Newsgroups and mailing lists. - PHP Newsgroups and mailing lists.


I have made stats available to everyone here

Also note that all the sites are listed on the search engines - PHPDiscuss and PerlDiscuss in particular have thousands of pages listed in the se.


* You will notice that , and are not on the above list. These sites are not, repeat not, for sale. The stats above do not include from traffic from these sites.
* The software for the topsite list cannot be transferred to the new owner. This is not my choice. I have sold a site which had a toplist powered by this software before and the company stressed many times that the new owner must purchase a new license. So please bear this in mind.
* Sites will not be sold individually - due to the time aspect of selling so many sites individually.

The money the site brings in

I cannot give an accurate on the sort of money this site could make per month. For the simple reason that the sites were used to drive traffic to my domain registration and template sites.

The site does make money through google but since i have several other sites using the same google account i cannot provide an accurate figure on what exactly it brings in.

I would reccomend that the buyer of these sites is trying to drive traffic to their own site/company like me - be it a template site, hosting company or webmaster forums.


I cannot stress how much i did not want to sell these sites - but Sydney is an expensive place (Especially after travelling in Asia)!!!.

* For all 18 sites im looking or $5,000.00
Buyer will also get these domains, all at enom :- - (should be easy to sell - especially since the buyer will have the database with thousands of links and the script the directory runs on is free)

Price is based on :-

* Content
* Design, database, logos, psds etc - although i admit that the current design of the network is very poor - the main content pages are fine but the outer shell would probably benefit from modifying a template and using that or something similar.
* The fact that i have did very little to promote the sites at all and the fact that they are only about 4 or 5 months old. With a little promotion, more recip links etc the traffic could improve very quickly.
* The benefit it will bring to someone with a template site like me, or a hosting site etc.

Transfer of Site

I have bought and sold many domains and sites over the last few years and i assure you that ease of transfer of the sites is assured.

* Payment should be by escrow - im sure eveyrone will agree that this is the best thing to do. The buyer must pay ALL fees. If the buyer wants to pay by wire transfer to my bank then he may do so.
* All domains (except 2 phpdiscuss, perldiscuss which are at godaddy but still means free transfer) are listed at enom so i can set up a free account and place all domains in the one account.
* I can zip up all site for the buyer and place them on my server to download. Alternatively i can set up a hosting account and then send you the details - this will ensure that there is no chance of the site not being online for a length of time and will help with the ease of transfer to your hosting space.

Questions etc

This offer has been placed at a few forums. I have made a thread for support issues on my forums here

Although please reply here/send pm me here also

Thank you,

Kevin Muldoon
__________________ - Webmaster Resources Network

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