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  Post #1 (permalink)   01-13-2012, 11:26 AM
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Here we have a 3 year old host for sale, that is doing very well, and owns all its own hardware.

Lets get started with the hardware.

1 x core2quad, 8GB ram, 2 x 300GB SAS - Poweredge R200
1 x Quad core, 6GB ram, 2 x 500GB SATA II - Poweredge R200
1 x 2 X dual core with HT 8 cores total, 2 x 500GB SATA II, 16GB ram - Supermicro
2 x dual core, 2GB ram, 2 x 73GB SCSI - IBM
2 X dual core, 2GB ram, 250GB - Poweredge R200's
2 x Cisco 3500XL switches
1 x dual core, 2-3GB ram, 250GB SATA II - Supermicro

Included is all the IEC cables and 1 PDU which we paid around 300 for, with remote reboots / APC

Co-lo is around 300-320 a month in newcastle, some servers still on 12 month contracts most on 3, and can be moved out if you wish me to do so.
Datacenter is pretty rock solid either way, and cheap.

-- Income

Monthly: 735.38 (89)
Quarterly: 31.43 (3)
Annually: 1618.25 (188)
Est. Annual: 10568.53

Also one USD 100USD Per year.

Around 920 orders last year, 500 the year before and this year has just started so about 30-50.

2011 income - Balance: 13519.43
2010 icome - Balance: 4553.81

We have made about 400 so far this month, and alot of renewals to come.

4 dedicated server rentals of our own hardware, we pay about 20 per u, with 0.5 amp and 1TB is around 12.50 per month.

We have our own in house helpdesk, and we use whmcs for billing.
We also run a corporate network all running webmin or just unix, 1 x sql server, 1 x web server and 1 mail server, + monitoring node.
Costs 20 a month if that!!

We have a high amount of shoutcast resellers and users, we are taking tons of orders for this every month, it is one of our best sellers.
We also host about 20-40 VPS's and a handful of shared and reseller, this makes a bit but not much compared to everything else.

I am looking for a serious offer, not a pathetic one, we have worked hard and spent a lot of time building the company, it has a great website built from scratch, is heavily seo'd and has plenty of orders without even advertising.

I will accept phone calls / texts only, I dont want no emails saying I am interested yet you have no cash, I want serious buyers with serious money.

It takes about 400 profit per month and use to take more until we changed over to our own hardware, due to costs for expanding etc.

I would say profit over 3 years stands at around 10-12k.

Call me or text me to call you - 07848689590

I do not want to sell something I put years of effort into and constant hard work, but I need to due to family issues, but I want serious buyers and someone who will look after our work.

If you cannot afford a 10p text then do email me on but no stupid emails!!

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