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stjohns2004 01-04-2015 11:30 AM

Shared Hosting Company For Sale
I am selling My Shared Hosting, Company. The Clients are on an interworx server currently. The Reason I am selling is we are looking to focus on Vps/ Dedicated Services and would like to get out of the Shared hosting Service. The Clients can be moved to a cpanel server But I do not reccommend it as Interworx has proven to be a great Software and has not given us any trouble.

We are looking to sell just the clients, and their associated domain's ssl's and addons. If you want our Site Design and domain We will sell it however the price would be a bit different than just the clients due to the age and quality of the domain and Design.

Some of the clients will periodically ask for web design and updates to their current sites.

Here are the Details:
27 clients ative
46 active services

1 November $30.00
2 Jan $30.00 each
1 Oct $30.00
1 Dec $30.00
2 March $30.00 Each
Estimated Annual Income: $241.90

1 Monthly $1.97
1 December $13
1 Nov $13
1 Dec $20
2 Jan $20 Each
4 Feb $20 Each
3 Sept $20 Each
1 december Hosting $25
2 November Annual $199 Each
2 March Annual $199 Each
1 August Annual $199
1 Sept $199
1 Jan $199
Est Annual Income: $1,645.97
Total Disk Usage 20 Gb
Total Bandwidth is very low

SSL Certificates
1 Jan 12.95
1 Dec 12.95
EST Income: 25.90

Ip Address
$1.50 a month

We use Blesta, So WE had to manually Pull all information, I tried my est to give you as much data as possible.

Any Questions ask away, You can also contact on skype snwht1

I do not have a bin yet Welcome to Offers.

rfwilliams777 04-21-2015 01:29 PM

Are you still needing to sell your customers?

stjohns2004 04-22-2015 05:45 AM

No this should be closed. Thank you

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