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energizedit 05-06-2015 07:04 AM

Buying Web Design and Hosting Companies - $2k - $10k
We are shopping for hosting companies looking to sell out or web designers who don't want to be web hosts. Looking for numbers of 10 - 100 clients. Shared hosting clients, cpanel control panel.
Income range between $2000 - $10000 per year.

Please make sure you have all of your profit and expenses in line, including licenses, clients and DC contracts.

I can offer.
1. Lump Sum Payment.
2. Payments Over 3-6 Months
3. Revenue Share.

So only those with a solid business, truly looking to get out of this industry, and honest sale need contact us. I will need access to financial information, billing system etc. to verify your data.
We would prefer mostly US based clients.

We have acquired many web hosting companies during the last 4 years. Rest assured that your company and clients will be taken care of in the most professional and courteous way.

Please PM for details and further contact info. or email mark @

Energized I.T. is looking to acquire the following types of companies:
* Shared Hosting Companies: This includes companies that use cPanel on Linux servers
* Website Design Companies: If you have a strong website design business we'd like to talk with you.

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