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Tanner@GETUS 05-14-2017 03:09 PM

Servers 4 Sale

Good day everyone.

We are looking to liquidate a 1/4 rack from our colo based in North Carolina, Lenoir (Dacentec / Centrilogic). We have been in the DC since late 2011, most servers have been offline / not in production for some time.

9 Unit(s) for sale.
Nodes vary in configuration(s).

(8x) 2x L5420 (8 Cores) Dell and Supermicro
16GB RAM (min). to 24GB RAM
2x 500GB HDD (Min). to 4x 1TB HDDs

(1x) 2x L5140 (4 Cores) HP
1x 500GB HDD and 1x 1TB HDD

Colo is $149USD/mo (incl. 20TB BW, 1000mbps, 20amps Power)

Prefer for company to take whole rack from Data Centre.

$1,150USD for 9 Nodes. All equipment is functional.

PM for any further questions or concerns.

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