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Selling My Dream Portal is on sale.

Before I go into more details about the features of the site, I would just like to tell you about the brief history of the site. It was started as a forum, and once we had around 150+ users, with many of them being active, we decided to turn the forums into a massive portal. This process was expected to finish quickly, but took some time and during that time the forums were closed down. Now the site is finally ready and provides many unique features, all under one roof. The homepage has a PR3.
At the moment the site has roughly 200 users, most of whom were part of the old forums. The old forums have been integrated with the site as well, so there is content on the forums. Most members were very much addicted and devoted to the site, so getting them to come back should be easy, especially considering what the site has to offer.

I personally didn’t want to sell this site as I had a lot of expectations from it but due to certain personal reasons I have decided to do it. Everything on the site starting from each and every small picture to the text being used, has been very carefully thought of and worked on, and months of effort has gone into the design as well, which has been praised by many webmasters.

I have also tried to build a system, where viral marketing can be most effectively used, therefore there are incentives to users to bring on their friends, and the birthday alarm system can work superbly and bring in users very quickly, as you might have seen with The rate at which grew is noteworthy, and keeping in mind the fact that we have most things that birthday alarm had, and a lot more, and a much better design (IMHO), it can be a great pulling factor, and hence should help get members very rapidly, even with very little marketing. The features and design should also help convert more visitors into members.

Every time a user requests his/her friends to enter their birthday information, they are sent an email to come and enter their birthday on the site, which can mean a potential member, who will ask more friends to enter their birthday’s and the process goes on and on. This is the beauty of viral marketing I guess; your users market your site for you. There is also a comprehensive and flexible points system in operation, which can help create a competitive spirit among the members. Everything on the site including the admin panel is custom made. I will quickly take you through some of the main features of the site.

Birthday Reminder Service: Self explanatory, but in my personal opinion a very powerful viral marketing tool & with three different ways for users to enter their birthdays in their list.

Message Boards: The message boards have the same table structure as PhpBB. Therefore in future if you decide to shift to phpbb or VB you can easily do that.

Hot or Not: This is another attractive feature. Basically a user can just, upload his picture and other users rate that picture on a scale of 1 to 5. This feature can be seen on the top left side of the website.

Quiz: Every day there would be three new quiz questions on the website, relating to different fields, and the questions would be updated daily (You can set up as many questions as you want at once, and three will be picked up everyday), users will get 5 points for each correct answer, and they can only score once a day.

Articles Section:

This is a place where users can post articles on pre-defined categories administered from the admin panel. The users will get points depending on the quality of the articles (when you authorize an article you can also decide how many points you want to give for that article, this ensures high quality articles and creates a competitive spirit). When a user posts an article, the article will go to the admin panel, the admin or the moderator will authorize the article, and depending on the quality give points to the article. User’s can also rate the articles.


Users get 2 points for referring each friend, but if that friend registers they get further 30 points (Can be changed from Admin Panel).

Guestbook: Self Explanatory. People sign your guestbook and you get 5 points every time someone does that.

Message Box: Custom Made.

Claim 5 Points Free: Free 5 points everyday

Find a member: Member Search

Monthly Top Scorers: This section would basically show people who are leading the points table every month. This would automatically get updated as and when the users score points. It also shows the flag of the users country.

Hall Of Fame: This will show all time highest point scorers.

Poll: This section would feature our poll. There would also be a box for polling on the right bar on most page as well.

Suggest & Earn:

This is a sort of feedback mechanism, but we actually decided to reward the users for providing their feedback. The user would see a form, through which he can enter suggestions and give ideas to make the site better, and then the admin would award the user with points if his idea is good. Points would be given depending on how good or bad the idea is.

Buddy List:

This is basically a friends list feature, through which users can add certain people as their friends, they can add anyone through their profile, as under each user’s profile an “Add as friend” button can be seen.

You can add news from the admin. There is a news ticker on the homepage, which shows the highlights and a news link on the left bar.

The Points system

Users get points for most things they do on the site, and the points for everything can be changed at anytime, through the admin panel. There are two types of points running simultaneously, the monthly points and the overall points. The monthly points can be refreshed at the end of each month.

Advertisement Management

The entire advertising on the website can be managed through the powerful phpadsnew adserver. This gives you many great options like setting up advertiser campaigns, sending reports and lots more. For more details on phpadsnew please check There are many places where adverts can be shown, at the moment there are about 30 ad spots covered for different banner sizes. You can also setup advertisements under each and every private message that is sent among users.

Documentation Available
As I did a lot of research on this website, I have extensive documentation available, with lists of different suitable affiliate programs, lots of creative and exciting new features you could add, different ways of marketing this site, and I would be happy to pass it on to the winning bidder.

I have also signed up for an account for Free SMS service with Fonetastic, this would be a great add-on to this site, if you want to go ahead with it.

I have a detailed report on how revenue can be generated through this website, but here are a few quick methods, PPC program to begin with, merchandise can be sold through affiliate programs, for e.g. would go well with the site. A detailed marketing report is also available.

Traffic & Revenue
The site used to get some traffic when the old forums were busy. But in the last four months, all my effort has been devoted to building up the site, and hence no marketing was done and therefore the traffic is negligible, and the site is indexed in all major search engines, and whatever little traffic it gets is from those (Reason being many posts from the old forums are still indexed). For the same reason, there is no advertising on the site at the moment, and hence no revenue.

.................................................. .................................................. ..............................

There is no end date for the bidding. I would love to pick a winner as soon as I can, although I will only sell, if I get the price I have in mind (which I am not disclosing ). The starting bid can be $500, although I am expecting bids way above that mark

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